Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Super-Saiyan Goku!

Who doesn’t know the ultimate idol on anime, the most influential male character in anime and the super saiyan Son Goku? Well, unless you’re a person who never got the chance to watch anime as a kid or never watch television at all, I’m not surprise you don’t know him. But for those who raised their hands and proudly said Yes!, how well do you know Goku?


Did you know that all throughout the show in Dragon Ball Z, Goku has only killed two villains?Goku has a bad habitat of showing mercy to genocidal maniacs. The only villains Goku kills are Kid Buu, a creepy pink creature with a bad attitude, and Yakon, a Babidi henchmen no one cares about and you probably don’t remember him existing in the show.With a record breaking 174 fights in the DBZ alone, who would have thought right?


Aside from two villains being killed by Goku, there was also two people who successfully killed Goku,. Do you know who? In the Dragon Ball Z series, Piccolo and Cell was the only two villains who killed the super-saiyan.

The longest fight ever made is Goku versus Frieza. It is the longest fight in anime history that took 4 plus hours of Youtube video, a running time that would let you watch a completed anime series.


Goku’s Japanese voice actor is actually a 78 year-old woman. Yes, she is Masako Nozawa, she has been the voice of Goku for 30 years and is still going. Believe it!

I know every kid who idolizes Goku tried to scream so hard like how Goku does it when he powers-up,I know you did. But did you know that the American voice actor Sean Schemmel for Goku actually fainted on the recording booth for doing it? The scene was the Super-Saiyan 4( black long hair,red-coat,red eyeliner) in Dragon Ball GT. That scream is so powerful no wonder he fainted,  I wonder how Masako Nozawa nails those intense scream?1f0d2fbbe2b03def788472038a4910ef

You probably know everything about Goku and the rest of Dragon Ball, but not everyone knows the man responsible for this iconic saiyan who made history in anime, Akira Toriyama. Thank You Akira! You may have your forgetfulness put into the episodes sometimes,but you’re still the best! Yes, his forgetfulness like how Super-Saiyan 1 went Super-Saiyan 3 (where’s number 2?) and do you know Launch?.”Launch who?” he said.

What interesting facts can you share about Son Goku? Leave a comment below.

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