The Best Male Protagonist for Being A Pervert!!

Did you ever notice how “being a pervert” is taken to the extreme on anime series? Well, we couldn’t blame this men for doing so and I don’t blame them for getting their chances taking over boobs and legs and panties successfully( well, for some…).

And this pervert men never fails to give the show an interesting twist for the character or they are just their to annoy women.Being a pervert comes in different forms, sometimes others take their personal pleasures to the extreme so I will give you the male perverts who definitely deserves an award for being the best pervert…


1. Master Roshi
If the anime got an Oscar Awards for being the “Best Pervert”, Master Roshi would totally take home the prize. This old man is never shy to show off how pervert he is to all the girls in DBZ and he even does it with his students wife! So much respect for one of the most badass mentor on anime world, but for those who wants to learn “the moves” of a pervert, take Master Roshi’s class.

2. Jiraiya (Naruto)
Talking about bad-ass mentors/ writer/ self-proclaimed pervert of all, Jiraiya has it all. He is not just any other little pervert you see, he is a “BIG ONE”, a pervert of stupendous skill that’s what I say he is.

3. Sanji ( One Piece)
For all One Piece fans, I’m pretty sure Sanji is one character you would idolized except for his perverted actions like how his nose erupts a fountain of blood bath getting his hands into a women’s bum. He is totally a pervert!

4. Hyoudou Issei (High School DxD)
He is one lucky pervert of all I know! Why? Well, being a pervert doesn’t really give him a good reputation but his power of cloth-eating slime will surely get the women running for their panties.

isHI0UlwGKNAp5. Saeba Ryo from City Hunter
Yes, a very good police detective whose mouth never fails to drool on his mouth whenever he sees a sexy woman. Look how large his mouth opens every time his perverted self takes over.



We also have honorable mentions for being the best as perverts, namely: Brock from Pokemon, Sakata Gintoki of Gintama, Space Dandy,Moroboshi Ataru from Urusei Yatsura,Happousai from Ranma 1/2, and you know who else should be on this list.

Who do you think is the most pervert man of all in anime world? Leave a comment below.


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