Villain 101: Facts You Need to Know About Koro Sensei!

Koro Sensei is an anti-hero, antagonist , and the  junior high school teacher of Class E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He is one of the most popular character in   Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ( Assassination Classroom) and probably the most bad-ass teacher ever in the world of anime. He may have been the infamous God of Death/ most fearsome assassin but as a teacher, he does his job so well for his students.

Korosensei gif 1

I am one of the biggest fans of Koro Sensei so I thought of sharing some fun facts about Koro Sensei and share it with my fellow fans. Here are the fun facts you need to know about Koro Sensei:

  • In the Assassination Classroom, the nickname Koro Sensei is a combination of the words “korosenai”( cannot be killed) and “sensei” (teacher).
  • Koro Sensei appeared on a crossover manga of Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan
  • Koro Sensei was actually a human being born to Earth before he became the alien-esque octopus he is in Assassination Classroom.
  • Korosensei’s past as the previous God of Death put a new spin on his motives for taking class E: a remorseful monster who would like to repay the only person who was nice to him or the “Joker-esque psychopathic assassin who want to train a class full of teenagers into cold blooded killers to be his “legacy” to the world?
  • The real reason why Koro Sensei destroyed Earth in March was because it was the month the anti-matter generating cells Shiro/ Yanagisawa put in his body to make him explode.
  • Koro Sensei’s face changes colors according to his mood:
    Yellow/Green = Happy, Emotionless
    Yellow with Green Stripes = Mockery
    Orange with a Red Circle = Correct Answer
    Purple with a Dark Purple X = Incorrect Answer
    Pink = Sleepy
    Purple = Shock/Panic
    Blue = Sadness
    Red = Anger
    Black = Extreme Anger
  • Having the fastest speed of 20 Mach (20 times the speed of sound or 6,805.8 meters/second), the fastest in the world, would you believe that Koro Sensei has a motion sickness?
  • He may appear as the humble octopus(alien-esque octopus), but Koro Sensei can’t swim (when fully immersed in water, Koro-Sensei becomes so bloated he is rendered immobile). No wonder he is strict with pool-side manner.


That’s only a few facts I discovered about Koro Sensei and I am still hyped to stay tuned on Assassination Classroom’s latest updates and upcoming seasons. What can you say about Koro Sensei?

assassination classroom 4


What facts do you know about Koro Sensei? Leave a comment below.



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