The Best Animes with WTF Endings You Need To Know!

Endings can be a very sad reality we never want to see but we’re excited to look forward to.There is only three things you want to see in an ending: MEMORABLE, PERFECT, and AWESOME! Achieving these three goals gives the integrity of the anime a preservation of a lifetime and seals the deal for all anime fans.nutbladder_puella_magi_madoka_magica_-_04_087b2dc7-mkv-00013

However, there is nothing worst than the scenario of watching your favorite anime series end abruptly or horribly, yes it happens too often for an anime but sometimes it happens to the best animes you have ever seen. How bad does that make you feel right? A very hard slap in your face!That’s how bad it is..


Sometimes they reason out to the fans that the budget was cut short or the second season aren’t signed to continue, leaving you all the good memories and a hanging feeling of how your favorite anime should have ended.

So why don’t we take a look back on those popular anime who sucked at endings,I mean with horrible fucked up endings and maybe your favorite anime is one of them:



Be Warned!! Spoilers exist..Read if you must!

1. Inuyasha

What’s more raging than watching an anime you’ve grown up to(and most was their first one) for four years trying to figure out how they could possibly defeat Naraku and you watch an episode where all the main characters are licking their wounds and Inuyasha steals Kagome away to sulk about how strong he needs to become in order to defeat Naraku. Credits starts to roll and realization hits you, it was the end! What is more painful than that?

2. Clannad: After Story

Yes, the slice of life anime who made every one cry watching the emotional outcomes of our favorite characters die. Nagisa’s death was sad, Ushio was supposed to bring hope to her father but guess what? She dies too! Curse you genetic disease! And then you start crying so hard after their deaths when suddenly, Tomoya’s wish to bring his family back came true. Like what? Did the fairy godmother made her visit to Tomoya?No! Did the series ever had a time travel moment?No! So what was that supposed to be? I’m sorry but the ending doesn’t really work for me.

3. Death Note

Like how stupid Light was to not notice a FAKE death note over the real one! The ending of the franchise is just horrible on every angle. Thank You,moving on!

4. School Days

Well, why don’t you try to search for the worst ending ever made on anime before I start putting the rage on this one. Yes, the answer will give you School Days. It’s giving me headache!Ouch!

5. Berserk

Berserk was one of those anime you would see a great potential to become epic and suddenly turned into the most traumatized ending that would give you nightmares after watching it. You have been warned!


giphy (1)


What do you think about these endings?Leave a comment below.



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