Learning the Terrible Truth Behind The Disney Movies

We all agree to the fact that Disney was once the very good sample of movies and cartoons we loved and grow up watching. And for most people especially for kids, the life lessons that Disney taught us is somewhat helpful and positively good for everyone. But what if we try to look at the other side of reality in these suppose-to-be good messages from Disney Movies?

I’m not saying that being an adult makes you realize you would hate Disney movies, but these terrible lessons that mostly everyone missed is straight to the point accurate.


Here are some terrible lessons I learned from watching Disney movies :


  • ” I’ll make a deal with the devil, everything is gonna be alright”


Watching The Little Mermaid was one magical moments of Disney movie I enjoyed as a kid. Here we have the red-hair mermaid Ariel who dreams bigger than the ocean of finding her true love out in the shore, but how would she be able to do that?Well, clearly the evil sea-witch named Ursula offers to give the naive mermaid legs in exchange for something she probably might need in the future: her voice. A deal with the devil! Who can blame her right? But guess what?She did met Prince Eric, but what do you expect, she later realizes that Ursula screwed her taking her voice and now she is like a drunken paraplegic and a mute. Yes, everything worked out well in the end as they lived happily ever after.
The lesson supposed to be learnt in the movie was “TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL”, but have you ever hit by the realization about the deal he was willing to make with the devil for the sake of meeting her Prince? What if everything turned out the other way around huh?.


  • “Don’t let the wisdom and advice of your parents stop you!”


Oh yes, notice how many Disney Princesses tries to put their faith in their own hands going against the advice of their parents? What happened to the “Parents knows best.”?How many people have you seen do it in real life and end up miserable? That’s what I thought. And for most ladies watching these movies that thought it is good since most of the movies end well, reality check please!

  •  “You have to work for your happily ever after,or NOT”


Ahh yes, they kissed and lived happily ever after. The very motto of every fairy tale movie we watched and daydream ever since. Happily ever after in reality comes as a hard prize for a lot of slap in the face situations, unless you marry the Prince Charming riding his white horse and saves you from the fire-breathing dragon. Guess what? It will never happen sister! We should not let our kids be sucked by this motto or else reality will give them a nightmare they never expected to come true.



What is the most terrible lesson Disney movies has taught you?Leave a comment below.

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