You Never Enjoyed Your Childhood Not Playing These Games!

As a 90’s kid myself, we have always been called the millennial babies, and through these years, the booming age of video games was crucial with it which became a staple of our childhood. It was a totally different world introduced to us that we never thought to change our life forever. Yes, the gaming world has surely grown into epic 3Ds and unremarkable consoles which the children of today enjoy, in relation to this, the games we used to play suddenly became ancient to their eyes.
And to show appreciation to our good old gaming friends, I’ll give you a short list of video games who completed the 90’s childhood dreams all over the world.

1. The Legend of Zelda Sequel
Remember Gameboy? Well, this game was one of the most played video game and popular on Gameboy. Released in 1993,all colored in black and white not until 1998,and was developed for 3D consoles evolving it with the newest technology. A magical adventure,entering dungeons,going to quests, it instantly became a classic 90’s game I’m sure that you love too.

2. Super Mario Bros.
Ah yes, the very first game who made me go crazy asking how many dragons does it take to save the princess. Super Mario Bros. have also gone a long way from where it started and how it looks now.

3. Tekken
Remember anyone who blindly presses all the buttons on the controller just for the sake of hitting it hard and winning it fast?Well, I was usually that person playing this game. I really didn’t master the move combos of each character but I assure you the fast pressing of the buttons will win!

4. Metal Gear Solid
The game who made me daydream being on the military force while playing the game. But Metal Gear Solid was not only a game of shooting and mission accomplish, it was a game who taught us everything about strategy and keen observations making it one of the best games of all time.

metal-gear-chronological-order5. Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel

The game where speed has no limit,and where speed is the most important.Sonic the Hedgehog 2 quickly became Sega’s best selling game and is an enjoyable experience even today.



There were also games like Final Fantasy VII, Donkey Kong, Pokemon Red and Blue,Goldeneye,and so much more. Whatever games we played during our childhood days, it was surely a golden memory we would keep forever and share to our kids.

What was your favorite game during childhood? Leave a comment below.


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