Things you need to know: Are You A Certified Otaku?

For most new comers in websites that talks about anime,manga,games,and cosplays, I’m sure you have come a crossed with a word “Otaku” a lot of times. And at first you wonder, What is an otaku?or Who is otaku?Where is otaku?


Otaku is a person, it can be me,them, or even you. The word otaku for some people are referred as “Nerds”, nerds have a bad ring before every time you hear it but in this generation, nerds became a good thing, actually a very cool thing.

Otaku is very passionate for their hobbies,likes,things they love and sometimes they even earn money or make a living out of it. Otaku before was referred to people who “needs to get a life” ,stayed at home watching tv all the time and didn’t have the company of friends and other people but that has changed now. It can come in many forms depending on what you are passionate of like anime,manga, and games.


But how would you really know if you are one certified otaku? Here’s a few signs that might help you confirm that you are:

1. The Love of Anime is A 100% there.

Most people who loves anime so much falls to become an otaku. This is the most popular sign to look out for. Becoming an otaku for the love of anime doesn’t mean you have to love all of the anime out there, it might be one type of anime or a couple of anime you always watch.

2. Look at that pile of manga?
Sometimes, people jump into manga before watching or loving the anime adaptation. And for most people, they really love manga as a serious hobby,like how serious? Like having a book shelf on your room with all the manga volumes of the anime you love. Or collecting manga from one volume to another even if you are not finished with the other ones yet.


3. Getting the updates all the time.
We surely owe the world wide web for giving us the most helpful sites we need. And for a certified otaku, searching for updates on animes,manga,and games is one thing you like to do. You want to know everything on what’s going on about your favorite anime or manga.

4. You love the character so much you want to be like them.
For short, this is a category a cosplayer falls. If you are someone who loves anime and manga so much you want to dress up like them, roleplay as the character, there’s no doubt you are one dedicated otaku.

5. A dedicated gamer
We all know that games aren’t cheap, and for someone who buys a game to experience the fun and excitement of it,that’s an otaku. Well, if you love a game or playing games so much, no need to doubt. Some loves to collect new games or the old ones, and others are playing the genre or platforms they love.



Are you a certified otaku? Leave a comment below.


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