Fan Theory:The Dream Team Versus One Punch Man!

Crossover episodes of your favorite anime characters brings us the happiest feeling watching them in one show, and since One Punch Man have made his debut, the unlimited imagination of fans all over the world has been amazing. But watching One Punch man do his thing is quiet intimidating if you ask me, but will our mighty hero fall after facing the most requested team up of the strongest protagonist anime ever had?Most cross over of these characters are possible on games but how about a special episode for otakus all over the world?


If you have noticed on social media and all over the internet, the anime fan-art and crossover ideas of fans look so impossible yet so awesome! But sadly these crossover episodes are rare to find and most of it are just an impossible dream,unless someone with a brilliant mind and imaginative skills can do so?

hqdefault (1)
So what team am I referring to? Well, I bet we have the same characters in mind if you would ask me. The very best saiyan existed, Son Goku, the best shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki, the favorite ninja everyone loves Naruto Uzumaki, and the most bad-ass pirate of the seas,Monkey D. Luffy. Isn’t it awesome or what? If you’re asking if this would possibly happen, in the games it already did. But it’s not a convincing ending on games since someone else would take the controls and leave the winning to them. If it sounds too unfair for our one punch hero, why not put up the team of One Punch Man versus the four of them?

Why not make an episode for the One Punch Man Vs The Elite Four? Who would win or lose? Let’s not let games have everything for themselves right? Its much better to see these five while you just lay back,relax and enjoy the delicious popcorn.Let’s bring out the power of otaku all over the world and let the creators hear our wish, WE WANT ONE PUNCH MAN VS. THE ELITE FOUR! If this suggestion would be created, I’m very sure it’s gonna be a big hit,bigger that one episode would not be enough.



What do you think about this idea? Leave a comment below.


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