Cartoon Network:Walk Down The Memory Lane!

To start off my review for one of the most important channel that influenced my life growing up and enjoying my childhood days, watching Cartoon Network has become a part of my life(and I’m sure to all of you too) and it will always be. They always tell you “you forget the old stuff and grow up!” every time you start complaining about how lame the shows of CN (they prefer to say CN now than Cartoon network) has become today. Yes, I said the lame word, I did grow up to be someone who should not be watching cartoons and tell what’s better or not but that’s the point!

Now that we’re old enough to vary what good shows are from those who would just waste your time, we do know what we are saying. Most people said that the Cartoon Network died in 2004,but it did not end there. Ed Edd n Eddy was the last hope of kids to watch the good old times til 2009,so it kind a go from there.

What happened to the good shows?They’ve turned Cartoon Network into a “replay of everything” channel and as far as I can remember,the only show I could think is running all day is Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go,The Amazing World of Gumball.That’s it! Yes,they may be plenty but they just keep repeating it again and again.Honestly,I’ve watched Teen Titans Go 23 times in just one day.They say Teen Titans Go is made to fit the kids of today so that they would enjoy it and understand it easily, like really? If you compare it to the Teen Titans before, it’s way much cooler than that. TTG today doesn’t make any sense at all.What happened to Toonami?Looney Tunes?Boomerang?!

The shows are kind a interesting but as time flies,it becomes boring and pointless. What happened to the shows you would never want to miss out? Those shows that you would leave whatever you are doing just to watch it? Those shows who cracks a smile and get you laughing even after it ended?Should we ever stick to the old memories and never get to see the day that we can all say,”Cartoon Network, a channel worth watching 24 hours a week,31 days a month, 365 days in a year and never grow tire of it!”




They are trying to bring back the “feels” of the old shows we used to love by bringing back Powerpuff girls,is it just me or the voice of Bubbles didn’t really fit her?


What can you say about the CN of today?Leave a comment below.



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