Most Important Tips to Determine a Fanservice Anime or Not!

We have known anime as a diverse style of animation where anything could happen,and where everything is possible. And for most anime,there is one certain element that seems to please men and attract crowds because of it. Yes, fanservice– the gratuitous accentuation of a character’s sexiness or general attractiveness which occurs A LOT.
But not all anime can be considered showing off fanservice,and this type of problem is mostly experienced by anime lovers especially when they are not very familiar of how to distinguish an anime from giving a fanservice or not. And these often leaves to argument or debates if it is a fanservice anime or not.
So, I set up some tips for all of you to give you an idea and an upfront tricks to know if the anime is giving you a fanservice moment or not:

1. Think about it!
Think about the relevance of the scene to the plot of the anime. Sometimes, there are certain things that are allowed to be added as a means to give the story longer time. If the certain event doesn’t really help the story and just add those sexy skirts or bikinis on the beach out of nowhere, it’s definitely fanservice.

2.Camera angles will help you easily!
The camera angle is one great helping tool to easily tell an event of fanservice. Does the camera angle zooms in on a woman’s butt as she picks up something or lean over? Or the viewer’s perspective is giving you the clear view of a lady’s skirt or down her cleavage?That is fanservice!

3. Look closely at the details!
Its where everything is drawn in a minute detail to give more attraction or attention on a certain part of the body of a character. Those single wrinkle in a busty woman’s fit top, or how every drop of sweat is on every right corner of her body as it drips down to her chest or her legs?If so, its probably fanservice.

4. Unlikely Sexiness
These are events which probably doesn’t happen in real life and just incredibly unrealistic! Like how a girl’s skirt was totally blown off by the strong wind revealing her underwear in front of a public school or street?Like how the girl’s school uniform are so short you can see their butt on their panties as they walk down the hall?Impossible to happen for real right? But not in fanservice it does.

5. Spot the Obvious Evidences 
Popsicle,lollipops, erect nipples,bodily fluids,lingerie,sparkles on their chest or legs. Men or women who are so over the top hot and well-endowed body proportions that seems impossible in nature. These could be obvious evidences that it is a fanservice moment.



If these following tips mentioned are all present on the anime you are watching, it is definitely a fanservice anime!


What do you think about these tips? Leave a comment below.


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