Things You Probably Didn’t know about Dexter’s Laboratory!!


“Seriously Dee Dee, Get the hell out of my laboratory!” -Dexter


Dexter’s Laboratory was the highest rated shows in Cartoon network since it started and was nominated for various awards including four nominations in the Emmys. Dexter’s Laboratory was also the breakthrough of almost all genius kids cartoons we have today who never fails to have dim-witted parents and a sister (like Dee Dee) who carelessly ruin everything or destroy the plans you made(honestly,how did she get inside the lab if he always finds a way to keep her out?).

maxresdefault (2)
Dexter’s Laboratory was the best cartoon show I watched growing up and it was really an awesome experience where “having a secret laboratory” dream you were having as a kid is happening. It also taught me that I was not the only one who has a sister who doesn’t seem to get along with me so well(or never),and just keeps trying to ruin the mood,so annoying!Did you have that kind of sister too?


The show started running on Carton Network from 1996 up to 2003 created by Genndy Tartakovsky. It was a long run for one of the best boy genius in cartoons. I bet everyone grew up loving this show and watching it all the time but did you know any of these facts about Dexter’s Laboratory?

-Dexter has made many cameos in episodes of The Powerpuff Girls. On the Powerpuff Bluff episode, you will see Dexter sleeping with all the other children at Poakey Oaks Kindergarten.He even appeared as one of the toys Bubbles was hugging to on a certain episode.
-Dexter’s glasses are flat on top when he is feeling content or angry, but when he is shocked or scared, his glasses become rounded at the top.
-According to the song “Love According to Dexter”, Dexter is said to be 8 years old on the show, and it was never revealed to the show what is his last name.Did you know?
-Dexter was voiced by two different women,voice actress Christine Cavanaugh and was later replaced by Candi Milo after her retirement in 2001.Dee Dee also has two different women doing her voice.
– Every boy genius has their own accents, and Dexter has the Russian accent that the creator Genndy Tartakovsky grew up using when he was a child.

Those are just a few facts most people doesn’t know about Dexter’s Laboratory. The good old days of the best cartoons ever made just doesn’t seem to fade away in our memories,and Dexter’s Laboratory will always be one of them.




“Ohhh,What does this button do???” -Dee Dee
What is your favorite cartoons growing up with?Leave a comment below.

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