Food Learns their Purpose: The Sausage Party Movie!


It’s really amazing how an imaginative mind of someone could think of making a movie showing off the other side of something we never really think of,like from the Toy Story who taught us the possible feelings and situations our toys go through without us thinking it is possible.

One certain movie trailer going popular and shared by thousand of users got my attention,The Sausage Party Movie which is set to be released on theaters this August 2016. Well,the “party” word would surely give you the thoughts of fun and enjoyment right?

So, I tried to view the trailer and learn what the fuss is all about.

First, it was an animated movie by the way.You would see the adorable people going in and out carrying their carts shopping for something important, then comes the cute adorable foods waiting for the customers to grab them being happy and all,why?Because all they want is to be taken home and be chosen among all the other foods around the market.(Was it I being dirty minded or the sausage and long buns scene was so awkward it gives you a different idea watching it?)


And so the packages of food celebrates being chosen and taken out to the counter and into their new home, the adorable potato sings happily as he was chosen first by the lady and gave himself a bath,and that’s where things go so messed up!”She’s fucking peeling my fucking skin!”,”What the fuck is going on!”.


Yes food, that’s the sad reality,you being eaten by us humans.It was really hilarious to look at them panic and faint, then goes the baby carrots trying to run for their lives and gets eaten fresh(“They’re eating children!”,said one wiener).


Then I realize, this movie is NOT for children!!The movie would bring the hilarious side of food fighting to survive from the mouth-watering humans and trying to survive another day on the shelf(they finally realize their purpose),but if you were an adult. If you are a little kid watching this movie, its going to give you the food trauma!Kids these days easily believe the animated films and learn from it, but if you let your child watch how the poor cup noodles putting back his noodles inside(imagining the soldier from Private Ryan movie trying to hold his intestines),do you think he/she would ever have to eat cup noodles ever again?!


Yes,this animated film is strictly for ADULTS. It has been Rated R by the movie board,so it is RESTRICTED for children,Thank God! But for parents who never saw the trailer and just think this is an ordinary sausage party / animated movie and bring their children, Good Luck Pal!” It will fuck you up for life!”



What do you think about this movie? Leave a comment below.


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