Naruto Fans: Boruto Manga series is set to release this Spring 2016!

Since the Naruto manga has finally ended last November, all the fans of the most idolized ninja of Konoha has left with a question, What’s next for Masashi Kishimoto? The answer is very clear, it has been posted from a website associated with Weekly Shonen Jump that Masashi Kishimoto will be giving himself a good rest after a long-time of work and the successful decade of Naruto manga series. He finally had his honeymoon after being committed on his work after almost a decade.No worries, it’s not the end of work for Masashi Kishimoto and the Naruto manga.

Instead, let’s say it’s a fresh new beginning for both the creator of Naruto and the manga series. Masashi Kishimoto has decided to give some space for himself and his family but teases the public that he is currently working on a sci-fi manga which we don’t have any updates to what it is yet and when will be released.And for the manga series, since the long adventure of Naruto has finally come to a close,it’s time for the new generation of ninjas to take their turn of protecting the village and fight their way to become the best. Yes, I am referring to Boruto, Naruto’s son.The upcoming Boruto manga will concentrate to Boruto’s life and adventures together with his friends,family, and the whole village.

Since Masashi Kishimoto won’t be working for the manga anymore, Mikio Ikemoto (Naruto Assistant Artist who worked closely with Masashi Kishimoto) will handle the Boruto manga with Kishimoto overseeing the development. Ukyō Kodachi will be the one writing the manga script.
The Boruto manga will run on the Weekly Shonen Jump this Spring 2016 and it will be a monthly manga instead of a weekly series.
I’m pretty sure that all the fans of Naruto series will have high expectations for the upcoming Boruto manga even though Kishimoto will only supervise the whole process but let’s wait and see right? Boruto:Naruto The Movie was a hit after its release and I’m a 100% that the manga will have the same taste of excellence as the Naruto manga we all loved .


It may never replace Naruto in our hearts, but it’s something we could look forward to this coming April 27, 2016. Its a good start of the Spring season for manga industry and its a perfect timing for Boruto to have his debut to give the fans of Naruto and the next generation of otaku all over the world a good Spring break.



What do you think about this upcoming Boruto manga? Leave a comment below.


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