Hokage Moments:Naruto’s Epic First Kiss!

Anime or for real life stories, first kiss is truly worth saving for that very special person in our lives. Most of our first kiss (aside from our family) are dreams to be with our crush,our first love,our first boyfriend or girlfriend,and others even save it to the extent of giving their first kiss when they’re married.

Let’s all remember the great adventures and battles of Naruto. The series has come a long way from how it started, way too many things happened that most of us forgot some of the greatest moments in the series that we will never forget. Naruto and Sasuke has built their great legacies in Konoha and we all know that its coming to a close that Naruto would be for Hinata and Sasuke is for Sakura. But who was their first kiss?Do you remember?Ahh,yes!Their first kiss is….


Naruto’s first kiss is Sasuke and Sasuke’s first is Naruto, how’s that for an unforgettable first kiss?If I could still remember clearly,it was on Episode 3 of the Naruto series when that happened. I was laughing out loud when I saw this episode.

It was indeed an accident when it happened but it’s still considered their very first kiss right? Who would have guessed that. Everyone just hates Naruto and all the girls go crazy for Sasuke, even Sakura was already crazy about him since the first day.Any of those girls would have been his first kiss but no,hahahaha.It has to be Naruto.


When Naruto was giving Sasuke the death stare, he was squatting on the bench and a Genin named Tobio who’s sitting in front accidentally bumps into Naruto, pushing him onto Sasuke and BAM! They kiss. Looking at the faces of all the girls inside the room was even more funny after seeing them kiss. Sakura’s reaction was even unforgettable for her dream of being Sasuke’s first kiss was crushed. I could imagine her beating Naruto so bad for that.



But if you were an avid fan of Naruto that you never missed a single episode until the Naruto Shippuden, it was not the only time that Sasuke and Naruto kissed.Yes,they kissed twice in the series.Imagine that? I could ship Naruto and Sasuke right now,would you agree?


The second episode that Naruto kissed Sasuke was also unexpected,Team 7 was on a mission and Sasuke and Naruto’s hands are glued together because of a weird jutsu. They can’t separate themselves and while trying to do so, they accidentally kiss. And that kiss was funny, I mean really funny (With the velocity that they slammed into each other…that was one deep kiss). Naruto even tried to ask,”Why is it always with you?”.


Those were the good times from Naruto series we will never forget.


What was your favorite moments in Naruto series? Leave a comment below.






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