The Movies You Shouldn’t Watch With Mom!!! (Never Ever)

Did you ever experience a time when you try to watch a movie with the whole family or with your Mom and while the move is going on, she starts asking and asking about what’s happening, what’s going on, who’s the new person, why did that happen?Well, you’re not alone!Watching a movie with Mom can be a real treat but sometimes, she couldn’t concentrate in the movie and ask random questions. And in this type of situation, you should never, I repeat,you should NEVER watch movies which will bring you and your Mom into the most awkward situation because of the contents.


And to get you a head start of what movies you need to watch without Mom, here are some of the top listed movies you need to watch alone or “NO MOM” within the premises:


1. Gone Girl(2014)
Your mom has probably read one of the most best selling novels which the movie was adopted about but just let her go from there,don’t watch the movie with her. She can watch it with someone else but not with you. There are three key scenes in this movie which will definitely bring the uneasy feeling for both of you if you watch it together and she starts asking.



2. Fifty Shades of Grey(2015)
This is definitely one movie you should never watch with your Mom or Dad. And I believe that if she has knowledge about the movie, she would never ask anything about it or discuss it with you.Almost 90% of the movie has key scenes that makes it not worth a chit-chat with Mom.



3. Magic Mike XXL(2015)
It’s a lose-lose situation for both son and daughter if you watch this movie with you Mom,yes totally! As a daughter, you would definitely find yourself cornered between the same man dancing on that stage and your Mom likes the same.The movie explores the hidden pleasure of women and you would never want to know how your Mom imagines Channing Tatum doing those sexy dance and your father at the same time. The same goes for all the sons out there, how would you react from learning that the Fireman you’ve always dream to be is the very job your Mom dreams of getting into bed?I can’t even imagine it,its just worst to every level.magic-mike-xxl-thirst-trap_pqawl1


4.The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)
If you’ve watch the movie with your Mom,its definitely too late if I say, you shouldn’t have.Why? The portrayal of women in this movie is not a really good light, some parts may have been delivered as jokes but you would not want to laugh at those jokes with your Moms around especially if she wouldn’t find it funny.You’ll receive a non-stop nagging if you do.



It’s always a good time to watch movies with your family,its a quality time to bond and get together,but not with these types of movies.Be warned!


What movie would you watch without your Mom?Leave a comment.


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