Supercell Releases the Newest Clash Royale Game!

After the biggest hit of Supercell game Clash of Clans, the newest game that every clashers would love to have was finally released, Clash Royale. I know most people have been trying to get a new type of play aside from violently destroying other people’s clans and armies, the Clash of Clans have given us the feeling of dominance in the game as we attack and conquer the enemies.
But as we see in the movies, every King’s palace must have it’s contest of their mighty warriors against other clans right? So why not have a game of clashing warriors in the arena?And why not bring the mighty warriors we idolized on the Clash of Clans to become our gladiators? That’s where Clash Royale comes in.


Don’t be misled that Clash Royale is the newest update of Clash of Clans(being the part 2) because it’s not,Clash Royale is a totally different type of game said by the Supercell team. Clash Royale is a mix of MOBAs and CCGs which gives you a legit fun different from the fun of CoC.

The game is simple, you have 8 set of cards( your chosen warriors ) to use on attacking the enemies and flanking their towers. The first one to destroy the King’s tower or successfully destroy a tower before time runs out(Supercell is really trying to kill us with the limited time gamings) WINS!Simple right? But wait,there’s more….

These set of cards have different types,the common ones,the rare,and the epic rares! And your luck getting the most powerful cards is a 20/100% chance. So lucky for the players who get the power cards.Most of the characters in the game are from Clash of Clans and their are also additional new ones(which Clash of Clans fanatics are going crazy asking to put the new ones on the CoC game).


The challenge of collecting the best cards and winning is really a great strategy of Supercell which will make players of the game become addicted on the game. I’m pretty sure that Clash Royale will be on the charts soon following(or maybe surpass) the success of Clash of Clans.

maxresdefault (2)

On winning the match, you will get different variety of chest bearing treasures inside(which you will have to wait to open for long hours by the way).And you will also get trophies from winning, and when you reach the number of trophies needed,you can unlock a new arena to conquer.So what are you waiting for?Enter the arena and let the battle begin!


What do you think about the game Clash Royale? Leave a comment below.



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