Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)..Who is she?


Ai Enma, feeling familiar with this name? If you watched those episodes, of course you know her or let’s say Hell Girl, how’s that sound? Who doesn’t want to take revenge from people you hate the most who tormented you which seems so easy for them? And what would be the safest and easiest way to do that? Visit Jigoku Tsuushin (the hotline from Hell) at midnight. And sooner or later you would have the revenge you’ve always wanted. But we all know it doesn’t come for free, what a great way to take revenge but sending yourself to Hell when you die is the compensation.


Released in 2005 (wow, my first year in high school), October 4 to be exact and was premiered in Animax across Japan, invaded the rest of the world by the next following years. Hell Girl has become a hit series with three seasons to the anime lovers of the world. Hell girl involves the story of people who holds the different grudges and hatred for someone and learnt about the website putting name of those people who hurt them sending them to Hell. Ai Enma appears with a doll that has a string on its neck letting her clients have time to decide for what they truly want to do and if they are eager enough to send the person to Hell, they pull the string of the doll and Hell girl will do the revenge in your behalf. The injustice, hatred, suffering, revenge, and other strong complex emotions are some of the recurring theme of this anime.


Anyone can relate by this strong emotions the character experiences (did you?) and this anime shows a different path of getting revenge. It is never easy to go through those situations, if you would have the chance to do it in real life, would you make a deal and pull the string? But when you think of it, if the website would really exist, anyone has a chance to do it, so next time you think of hurting someone or doing a bad thing, you might think of it twice(no, a million) coz you never know, you might find yourself in a ferry straightaway to Hell.  Oh pitiful shadow lost in darkness, bring torment and pain to others, oh damned soul swallowing in your skin, perhaps it is time to die?


What do you think about Hell Girl? Tell us what and leave a comment.



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