Why Watch the Superman V Batman:Dawn of Justice Movie?

The buzz of the newest movie of DC Comics “Batman V Superman”, guilty as charged but I have to admit, this might be one of a dream coming through a hero versus a hero. But if I’m not alone with a question in mind, how did those two superheroes cross paths to be enemies?
Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read further….


If you remember clearly during the last fights of Superman with the Kryptonians, the damage was massive, buildings and properties destroyed. And did it ever occur to you that the possibility of Bruce Wayne(Batman) was on that scene during that time? Yes, yes he was there. Kneeling on his knees as he watched his own company go down to dust.

After what happened, some people grew fears of what Superman can actually do to humanity and rumors spread from city to city that the strength of an alien hero(Superman) can actually become its core reason for annihilation. And this growing crowd includes Batman. As the world wrestles of what kind of hero it really needs, Batman takes some action and traveled to Metropolis to stop Superman. It’s a battle between two heroes, who would win?
But as the brawl between Superman and Batman grows, Lex Luthor (Superman’s greatest enemy) was getting busy with his plans of destroying both heroes and Metropolis. A new threat ascends from the shadows, Doomsday (one of DC Comics powerful monster/enemy of Superman). In this movie, Lex Luthor was the one responsible for creating this monster.

Superman and Batman decided to help each other and leave their conflicts aside to fight against Doomsday and Lex Luthor, but wait… it’s not the only two of them who will take on these two villains. Wonder Woman also makes her debut appearance on the movie helping our heroes fight the bad guys.How did she fit in the movie? Is she possibly there all this time just waiting for the right moment? That’s for you to find out. Actually, she’s not the only helping hero you will see in the movie, Aquaman and The Flash is also on the list.(I sense that Justice League is coming soon).

Who are the cast that will give these characters come to life? Batman will be taken part by Ben Affleck, Superman is returns the role to Henry Cavill, Lex Luthor will be Jess Eisenberg, and Wonder Woman is taken by Gal Gadot,Aquaman is Jason Momoa,and Ezra Miller will be The Flash.
I believe this movie will hit a $100 million on opening weekend. The trailers gives me the thrill and unbearable excitement I want to see it now. But now worries, this movie is set to release on March 25, 2016. Mark your calendars!!
What do you think will happen in the movie? Leave a comment below.



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