Zombies and Boobies: High School of the Dead! (NSFW)

Warning: The following content is NOT SAFE FOR WORK,please read responsibly.


Alright, what would be the perfect anime for all the boys aside from just being a fan-service show? Well, fan-service anime surely gives them a thumbs up with all that showing off underpants,and wiggly boobies, and zombies are kind a into boys thing. Well why don’t we just have an anime where zombies and those day dream fan service actions into one? Yes,there is one.And if you do not have a single idea of what I’m talking about, then you probably got trapped in the Walking Dead while others are already drooling with their tongues out in excitement watching this anime.

“A mysterious, lethal disease is on the loose worldwide, resulting in a catastrophic death rate of humanity, and the increasing rise of attacks, caused by the living dead.
In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies. The group now attempts to figure who or what was responsible for this plague, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse.”

You got it, it’s High School of the Dead! (Your probably imagining the boobies of Saeko by now). Aside from the zombie actions and gun-shooting on zombies, these women just cant help to flaunt their assets right in the middle of anything.


High School of the Dead showcases the different “dere” you can think of but almost every female on this anime series just couldn’t cover their bodies with clothes enough to hide their boobs or legs or in between( Boys cheering out loud!).


This is surely a must-see anime series for every boys or men out there who loves a twist of action,horror,supernatural,ecchi,and boobies. I really find Saeko Busujima the hottest among all the other characters,she’s stunning, has a great personality, and well, almost perfect from head to boobs to toe. And Saeko has been included to one of the hottest females on different websites.


I’m pretty sure all of you are so insecure of Takashi Komuro being with the girls and his hands gets the grasp of all those boobies(I can’t remember how many times did I mention boobies or boobs?).And some may want to take the place of Takashi(are you one of them?). If you don’t believe me,check out High School of the Dead and prepare you’re popcorn and drinks ahead of time.




What do you think about High School of the Dead?Leave a comment below.



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