Tearful Nostalgia: Grave of Fireflies(1988)

Due to the trending news of wars going on in different countries worldwide, I remembered the movie I’ve watched way back when I was a child and reminisced the lessons it thought me of what war could possibly do to the lives of the innocents.

Japanese animated films has influenced many people over the past few years, and this movies has become a part of my life I thought of giving you a throwback movie to one of the Japanese movie that not only became my favorite but I’m sure to you as well.


On this new century, animate films about war has given us pure action and thrill, the level of excitement on what’s happening during that war is pretty amazing. But not all movies of war only depicts the destruction of buildings, aircraft dropping bombs,and others images of war. My favorite movie was never close to the action level of other war movies but it surely made me understand the other side of it which is not really shown to us by many movies.


Grave of Fireflies (1988) is a Japanese movie which moved me so deep inside I couldn’t forget it until today. It’s an animated movie you would tell yourself its so unrealistic but the goals of the movie to its viewers are so real that it moves any one from children up to the adults.

We have always identified war as a whole that most people tends to forget who is affected by war, what war can do to our lives,and what war has brought into our lives. The movie Grave of Fireflies gives us a perspective view from a child’s eyes of what war looks like.


This amazing animated film is about a tragic experience of a 14 year old boy and his sister (Seita and Setsuko)struggling to survive in Japan during the World War II. The two of them shows that even the simplest things in life are appreciated upon situations like this,such as food and other stuffs.

It always bring me to tears so hard a handkerchief wouldn’t cover it. The emotional connection of Grave of Fireflies is so crazy that every time I think about it, I get so sad and drop my tears.The whole movie left me empty inside I couldn’t recover fast from that emotional state of sadness.Not many people has seen the movie and I would recommend that you give it a try.



This movie doesn’t give you a happy ending or magics, its simply a raw animation of simplicity at its finest but gives you the state of total sadness inside .Its not showing about pro-war or anti-war, it just shows you these two children and their daily lives during war. I would watch it again and never get tired crying all over again.


What is your favorite Japanese animated Film? Leave a comment below.



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