The Ultimate One Man Army on Anime!

Have you ever watched an anime where the protagonist or other supporting characters are ultimately powerful they don’t need an army to fight with them and get the job done successfully? Yes their scenes may have been “as expected” sometimes but you have to admit, this type of certain parts gives you the chill to see how he does it.
This characters are the most influential characters that everyone looks up to and idolizing them for being so powerful and totally cool exteriors too.Yeah, noticed how this characters present themselves physically cool in front of public?
Saitama from One Punch Man is an over powerful man using his punch to wipe his opponents which makes him a one man army(well, I guess its a one punch army). He is too obvious as a one man army but he is surely catching up the interest of many people on how he defeats the powerful enemies.

Light Yagami on the other hand has the power to become the one man army with just a ball-pen and the Death Note.He is one of the anti-heroes we’ve seen killing millions of people before getting caught of what he did.
Madara Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden is one of the strongest character on the whole series. If you’ve watched the episode where he wiped out the entire Allied Shinobi Forces, then we don’t have to argue why he is a one man army.It’s not every time that the hero does become a one man army though, there are also times that the enemy is the one man army thus putting a powerful main character is very important for such types of villains.


Goku from Dragon Ball Z is one of the most strongest anime character ever created in the history where everyone looks up to him and idolizes the Super Saiyan God until today, he’s a one man army who never says “No” to a challenge.
Lelouch Vi Britannia from Code Geass does not show the raw power of being a one man army but his audacity,intellect,and strategies can surely defeat a whole army all by himself. His Geass can create an army out of nothing which can do everything he says.

Naruto also has a different way to make him a one man army, he can create thousands of shadow clones even more than the army of the opponent. This shadow clones are all copies of himself so that means he can take on all the enemies at the same time.



A one man army character defies the limit of how they defeat their enemies, they go on so many different ways and the impact may differ because of it. But a one man army surely are bad ass, fears no one, and can walk away from a fight without dropping a single sweat or scar.


Who is your favorite one man army?Leave a comment below.




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