Brothers of Anime Universe You Wish Were Real!

Most anime depicts the relationships between family members and they do it so darn good it makes you so insecure and wish you have one like them. Especially on the brothers of anime who have been a bad ass big bros,powerful,overprotective, and the cool exterior aura they have amidst of any chaos that surrounds them.

If only I could have a brother like them, I would show off to the world how my big brother is the best brother ever!

The first big brother on my wishlist is Itachi Uchiha(I bet you do too),yes he may have been one of the biggest enemy on Naruto series but his love for his brother Sasuke is undefined after all the things they’ve been through. The whole village might hate him but he doesnt care about that, he is willing to sacrifice everything for his little brother. He is the greatest brother I know in the anime universe.



Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist is a big brother you would also want to have and the anime itself is the greatest story of brotherhood. He did everything he can for his brother, he is a big brother every one else should look up to. If sacrificing your one arm for the sake of your brother is not enough, I dont know what will.


maxresdefault (3)


An addition to my wish list is Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter, his relationship between him and his sister Alluka was only shown on the last arc of Hunter X Hunter but let’s admit, he was like a brother to Gon during their journey and her unconditional love for his sister( who happens to have a mysterious ability which changes her face resulting to massive deaths of innocent people). Even if she was a danger and was locked up at home, Killua was never in doubt to be with her sister and took her to a journey.




Oh I almost forgot on my list, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. His commitment to protect his mother was impressive and was I even more impressed how he protects his sisters, he began attending the class of dojo just for the sake of protecting his sisters.




Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, the anime was a masterpiece and if you’ve watched it from the beginning until the end of the series, you witnessed how Lelouch did everything for his blind sister Nunnally. No spoiler alert here! You need to watch it and feel the connection biding between this two siblings.




Who is your greatest big brother dream in the anime universe?Why? Leave a comment below.






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