Tear-jerking Animated Movies You Should Watch!

Since we are finished with the tear-jerking animes, let’s move on to the other tear-jerking sides of animated movies. Ever seen those types of scenes on the movie where it cuts so deep you cant hide your tears flowing and just doesn’t care what other people may tell you( who happens to cry with you)? These animated movies are so good on delivering deep thoughts and messages (even better than the real live ones). Animated movies is a very effective on evoking a person’s feelings from children and adults.

This tear-jerking moments in have become so deeply connected with the viewers(like you and me) and each time we think about that movie,it will remind us of how we cried on a certain part of it.

One movie in particular is the Toy Story “THE ENDING” part where Andy has finally decided to give up his toys and gave it to a cute little girl(Bonnie). It reflects the reality to every kid who came through with the same experience(like me) where the time to move forward and where the toys who completed your childhood needs to be left behind and find a new place where they really belong.

"TOY STORY 3" (L-R) Hamm, Andy, Woody, Bonnie, Rex, Aliens, Mrs. Potato Head, Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky Dog ©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

I also remember the last one that I saw(who literally put me to cry so hard),it was Bing Bong from the Inside Out movie, I mean “Take her to the moon for me” didn’t get you? Coz honestly it was so deep. Ever had an imaginary friend you forgot all this years and imagine how he felt like Bing Bong did. You did not enjoy your childhood if you did not have an imaginary friend pal!.


The next movie who put me to tears( I wish you did too) was the movie “Up”. Showing the true happiness of life being with someone you truly love and the adventures of being married: there’s good times,bad times,and tough ones too, “Thanks for the adventures”. Even the toughest man on Earth would be so dumb not to cry upon hearing those lines.


There are also scenes of parents dying in the movie like The Lion King (Mustafa’s death) and Bambi movie where his mother was killed by haunters sacrificing her safety for the sake of saving her son. Being apart from our parents is really a sad moment especially if it meant them leaving this world(Gotta grab some tissue after this one).


Animated movies are the perfect storytellers, they are the product of a person’s imagination but the movie makers surely know how to reflect the movie from real life experiences.


What was the tear-jerking movie you would never forget?Leave a comment.






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