Types of “Dere” You Need To Know!

Ever came across with an anime or manga with a word “dere” on every last slangs you read or hear?And you don’t have a single idea of what it means. Well, dere is a word used to depict cuteness and feelings of closeness with another person. These are also the personality types of a certain person to quickly understand the character’s behavior. And to help you understand it more quickly, here are the different types of “dere” you need to know:

1. Tsundere

These characters are mostly the easiest to recognize and common on animes too. They are mean,violent,and sometimes give a very bad first impression to other people especially to someone they really like but doesn’t admit it for themselves. But a Tsundere is someone who maybe harsh on the outside but they are truly sweet and soft on the inside.
Most of the protagonist on anime has a tsundere girl or woman beside him. One example of this is Rin Tousaka from Fate/Stay Night.


2. Yandere

This word is an abbreviation of Yanderu which means to be mentally or emotionally ill and Deredere which means lovey dovey. This one is opposite to a Tsundere, Yanderes often shows a nice and loving person but they eventually becomes obsessive and dark for anyone who tries to take her special someone.
Remember Yuno Gasai from Future Diary? She is one example of a Yandere.

yusa yandere
3. Kuudere

This word is an abbreviation of Cool and Deredere which means lovey dovey. These are characters you see acting so cold,unemotional,cynical and blunt at first impressions but deep inside are caring and loving persons especially to their love ones.


4. Dandere

These characters are also popular on anime nowadays, these are characters who are often silent and just blends with the crowd which may be due to their shyness or just being antisocial. But Dandere talks to person whom they like to be with later on.This word is an abbreviation of Danmari which means silent and Deredere which means lovey dovey.
Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto is the best example I could think of for this dere.

hinata naruto
5. Deredere

Deredere characters are the most cheerful, happy, kind, and energetic among all the dere. They stay optimistic on any situations and bring out their cheerful side no matter what happens.



These are the five types of dere you need to know, you can also relate yourself on these different dere, so which one do you belong?
What type of dere would you like to be with? Comment below.





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