Several Things You Have To Know About Kung Fu Panda 3! (Spoiler Alert)

“Po continues his now legendary legendary adventures of of awesomeness and must face two, hugely epic, but very different threads. Po has saved the world countless times, but none of that has prepared him for his greatest challenge yet – pleasing 2 fathers. Po reunites with his biological father and returns to his birthplace, yet soon realizes he doesn’t fit in. There he meets the overly eager Mei Mei , who has been promised an arranged marriage to Po. Po must also battle an evil spirit called The Collector, who is able to steal the powers of every Kung Fu Master he defeats – and his sights are set on Po.”


Rumors are spreading all over the televisions since the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 was released. From the last movie of Kung Fu Panda, Po has finally discovered the truth about his history (the goose not being his father) and tries to discover what he can of where he came from and his people(but the flashback there was not clearly shown except for the spoiler on the very end).Warning: Spoilers ahead,keep reading if you must.


The spoilers from this movie was pretty much shown on the trailer, Po’s father has finally found his way on the noodle shop searching for his son (Po) and met the dragon warrior on the shop. In this movie, Po rediscovers his history travelling to the village where he came from and learning meeting his family.

The next spoiler we discovered was the character of “The Collector”, they said he is the most formidable villain in the series (this is going to be exciting). Knowing this powerful nemesis exists, Po becomes a teacher to teach his panda village how to do Kung Fu and help him beat the bad guys, I wonder how it will go?


There are also new set of cast added to the movie like J.K Simmons (Whiplash) and the very adorable and hilarious Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect). We are still not sure what their role will be but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a one movie premiere you don’t want to miss this coming March 17, 2016. Let’s all feel the awesomeness!!

I’m a very big fan of Kung Fu Panda movie since the very first series was released, it’s a movie for the whole family where you can laugh and be excited for the Kung Fu action by the dragon warrior himself,Po. Mark your calendars and book your tickets, because pretty soon you’ll find yourself lining-up for the long line of crowd who’s excited to watch the movie.


What do you think about this movie?Let us know and leave a comment.


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