The Revenant..Award-winning Film of 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio has impressed us all this years with the great movies he did and it was pretty sad he was never given any award for it. But he never lost hope and finally got what he always dream of and it was way more than an award if you ask me.Why? I’ll tell you why.


Have you seen the new movie “The Revenant”? The well-known director of Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu has made another endeavor for movie goers all over the world. A truly worthy award-winning movie for an exciting year of 2016 and there’s no other words to describe it but simply amazing.The splendid cinematography and a cast of the best actors in the industry has combined and created a film that you would surely list as one of the best movies ever made this year.


Their efforts and dedications has paid off and they do deserve the awards they won. Talk about dedication, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy turned down films offered to them for this film( Leo for Steve Jobs,and Tom for a role in Suicide Squad. In addition, Leonardo DiCaprio actually ate real raw meat on the movie (its a bison’s liver), well it’s not really called dedication unless you’re a certified vegetarian!Yes,he is vegetarian.And crossing the line of your appetite for a movie, that’s more than a dedication.


The movie was actually based on a novel written by Hugh Glass which was a true story by the way. Yes,Hugh Glass was mauled by a bear, ate raw meat, and abandoned by his fellow trappers walking thousand of miles through the harsh ice of rural American west. His name and Bridger was the only unchanged name on the movie,the rest of the character’s names was changed.

Tom Hardy had to do a lot of difficult stunts that they hired Jacob Tomuri (worked as Tom Hardy’s stunt double for the third time in The Revenant) to do several stunts. He previously stood in for Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road and Legend.

There were a few iterations about the main characters and different directors wanted to do the film with different actors in their mind like Christian Bale and Samuel Jackson.

The Revenant is a superb story of revenge and survival, it is a film that anyone wouldn’t want to miss watching, the cinematography will get you breathless and I can undoubtedly say that The Revenant is a must-see film! Kudos to the whole team of The Revenant!


What do you think of the movie?Leave a comment below.



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