Top 5 Tuesday: Here Are The 5 Best Sports Anime of All Time

Sometimes, anime doesn’t only come with action ,super powers,monsters,and other things you always see on your television. There also anime for sports enthusiasts that surely gives a boost of confidence and positiveness.

So here’s a top five on my list as the best sports-related animes I watched so far, since each of us has different favorites, it’s up to you if you would agree or not, if you love the same anime I have on my list, hi five!!


1. Slam Dunk
Who doesn’t love basketball? Basketball is a famous sport all over the world, and one popular basketball related anime is Slam Dunk. It is one of the pioneering sports anime on television and the action inside the court is always awesome(Team Shohoku!!). Nowadays, a lot of anime has been created focusing on basketball from different countries,but to me, it is the greatest sports manga/anime of all time.

Best Sports Anime
2. Eyeshield 21
If you love the bone-breaking,body slamming action of football, this one is for you. This anime is based on American football with way powerful athletes battling to win and reach the Christmas Bowl. Eyeshield 21 is one fast player other teams would never want to mess with,Go Sena!

Best Sports Anime
3. Prince of Tennis
The story is focused on a young tennis prodigy named Echizen Ryoma who joined one of the best tennis school in Japan in order to surpass his father, a former pro player. He will meet there many teammates and have to overcome many obstacle to find his own style of tennis and reach his goal.

Best Sports Anime

4. Free!
If you are onto water sports, this anime is a must watch for you. Aside from the fan service(watching those hot athletes) it provides exclusively for women, this anime for swimmers out there is what I will totally recommend.For an anime that dedicates decent showtime for fan service, the plot actually turns out to be quite complex, with likable, dimensional characters and a believable, if melodramatic, story.

Best Sports Anime


5. Yowamushi Pedal
If court games is not your thing, let’s try something with adrenaline rush and top speed cycling. Following our protagonist Sakamichi Onoda (who has NO friends by the way) who was unexpectedly invited to join the bicycle club and everything has been for the better from there onward.

Best Sports Anime


Did you love any of the sports anime I mentioned on top? Well, I’m not surprised. Sports anime gives us a valuable lesson of being active and involve ourselves into sports we love.
What is your favorite sports anime? Let us know and leave a comment.



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