Discover These Genres of Anime

Anime has become a worldwide sensation since very beginning it hit our televisions and imprinted our love for animation. And due to the wide variety of anime we see every day from morning till midnight, all we ever know is classifying it all as action, drama, romance, and comedy. But have you ever come across with otakus talking about an anime series using certain languages that you can’t understand?Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t join in the conversation just because you don’t know the word they keep on mentioning?


Well, for certified otakus out there, they will surely understand all the types of anime classifying them by the theme which is not familiar to everyone. So for newbies of the anime languages on what theme an anime really is, here are the most common themes you watch everyday or an idea which type you’ll need to avoid:

1. Bishojo – these are anime where you see a lot of beautiful girls.
2. Bishonen– is the opposite of Bishojo, this anime involves pretty guys with a girlish beauty (have you ever seen a guy like that?).
3.Sentai – anime with fighting teams
4.Mecha – these are anime that exhibits robots and machines
5.Maho Shojo– is about magical girl stories; like Sailor Moon and Ouran High School Host Club.
6. Maho Shonen – this is about the boy stories typically those who is under the age of fifteen;like Naruto and One Piece.
7.Moe– this anime utilizes on cute, perky characters that may be weak or naive.
8. Seinen – are anime for young men between the ages of 15-24, it tends to portray more violence or psychological nature.
9. Lolicon– an anime with the sexualization of an underage female. Shotacun is an anime that includes sexualization of an underage male.
10. Kodomomuke – are animes directed for children giving moral and core values.
11. Harem – an anime with a female character involving with several male.
12. Hentai – an anime with a story line that is sexually explicit.
13. Ecchi– this type of anime includes perversion or indecent sexuality.
14. Yuri or Shojo ai-includes bisexual or lesbian girls in the plot.

15.Shonen ai – gay male characters but no sex scenes. Yaoi– has gay male characters with sex scenes.

Those mentioned are the most common themes you will need to know to understand the animes you are watching or planning to watch. So you’d better know what theme that anime you are watching especially when there are other people watching with you not to mention the young children.
What type of anime do you love to watch? Let us know and leave a comment.

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