What we learned from FROZEN movie….

Frozen may have been so a year ago, but the story of Elsa and Anna is still imprinted to everyone’s mind and the songs we loved can still be heard all over the world.

What makes this movie really different to every fairy-tale movie we’ve seen from the past few years? Well, people really ask this questions and I believe on some thoughts that will make this movie the best fairy-tale movie I ever had.




On the first thought, Elsa and Anna is not your ordinary princesses (Sorry Cinderella). Elsa has a power to control ice and Anna shows us that even the most royal princess also wakes up with a tangled hair and you know what happened( Every girl wakes up like that). Both of them may have different personalities but each one compliments the other.

“You can’t marry a guy you just met.”-Elsa..(Hmmm. How many fairy tale princesses did not marry after meeting their prince charming?None) Thank God someone finally has a good thought about instant marriage, I mean common? You just met the guy and now your getting married? I believe Anna was just overwhelmed meeting new people and a prince charming that she agreed to the proposal.




Second is, a fairy-tale doesn’t have to be a prince and a princess happily ever after ending. Kristoff was a simple man who harvest ice for a living who met Anna on a very unlikely situation(with the ice blizzard and all) and after a few days of being with her, they developed a special connection between them and that’s how it should be!.




Third is, the movie gives a one good twist to their very own prince charming, Hans. I mean, who would believe that he would be like that right? All he wants is to be King by marrying Anna(who asked him for a true loves kiss which he did not give anyway being selfish and all) and finding a way to get rid of Elsa as well.How’s that Prince Philip?!




And lastly, Elsa thought us to fight our fear and how we can control and make good use of it, to not be afraid of expressing our true self, and true love doesn’t only exist from someone else but from your family. Let it go, let it go..Let’s not forget Olaf too, he thought us to be positive on all things and never let anything get us down.


Did you love the movie of Frozen? Tell us what you think and leave a comment.

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