Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Who says Plants Vs. Zombies is only good for children? Well, better get a rain check on that because the most addictive and awesome game of backyard battleground will surely satisfy everyone. Popcap can never leave Plants Vs. Zombies behind the latest online games and gives it the ultimate upgrade that will surely out shine the competition putting it back on the map for the most addictive game ever.

It was June 15, 2015 when EA announced the Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and during the past few months they have released the game trailers for their fans( I was thrilled and excited, have you seen the trailer?). The game is set to be released this coming February 23, 2016.




The suburbia is just not enough for the all-out battle between the zombies and the plants, and what a surprising way for the zombies to take it to the next level, and next level which means the moon. You heard that right, the moon! Do you believe Dr. Edgar George Zomboss can actually do that? .In this game, the fate has favored the zombies taking over Suburbia and transformed it into Zomburbia. The plants must now take back what’s rightfully theirs with an all new set of characters to help them(Rose, Kernel Corn, and Sitron). But it wouldn’t be fair if the plants get all the new ones right?And what a good way to battle these plants but with the newest zombies of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Imp and Z-Mech, Captain Deadbeard,and Super Brainz.




And a Backyard Battleground won’t be complete without a Headquarters right? Well, of course. Welcome to the Plants Vs Zombies Playground, here you can upgrade and edit all your characters, customize,choose quests and game modes. If your a loyal player of the first version of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, have no tears, your old characters is here. Yes, all the unlocked characters from the previous game can be transferred to this game and even have their own new upgrades(So don’t worry about our old time friends being left out because they’ll be joining the party!).




This is what you call taking a game to the next level, and the next level means being awesome on every stage it can possibly be. Many fans of Plants vs Zombies will surely love this new upcoming version because not only because of the new characters that can be obtained but also the action packed wave of enemies that will give a good challenge to any one.





If you’re a big fan of Plants Vs. Zombies,tell us what you think about it and leave a comment.


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