Air Gear…Sky is the limit!

Roller blades are cool, but an Air Treck motorized roller blades? Awesome! Imagine a high-flying, high speed racing with those AT roller blades? It might sound very unrealistic but for an anime with this action packed episodes? Nothing is impossible.

A lot of anime fans does notice the same personality the characters have in other animes, but that’s what makes it special! Why?

First, he’s a protagonist. Who doesn’t love protagonist characters? He may look stupid joining on something he doesn’t have any clue of what he got himself into, but never underestimate the power of will and courage to pursue what he wants and reach for it till the end. Unique personality among characters is what makes them “not boring”. Minami “Ikki” Itsuki is just another type of character in anime that you would hate at first and unbelievably admire at last. This anime shows how the main character grows to be better and develop his skills to become the best. If you know someone in real life, you’d be lucky to meet someone like that.




Second, loyalty and friendship. Who loves an underdog? During the battle to the pinnacle of Air Treck, Ikki has made a team out of his friends. Why? Friends may not be as strong as you are, but they will do anything to support and help you reach your goals! Others team underestimates his gang for being starters but they’ll prove a lot of things can be done when your true friends are around for you.




Third, a battle without the gender issue. Yes, a lot of anime nowadays always show off the boys as the best, but in this anime series, girls can rule too! (Well, aside from the fan service which is totally over rated sometimes) Girls also leads some of the gang in this anime which are totally never to underestimate, and battle for supremacy in the Air Treck pinnacle. (Girl Power rules!)


air-gear-wallpaper-air-gear-wallpaper-hd-air-gear-wallpaper-2 (1)


Every character in Air Gear has their own unique different personalities, so any anime fan would have a chance to find the character that would reflect on them personally. Air Gear is a Shounen anime that has become a big hit in the east and western part of the world. If you love any of the reasons I mentioned earlier, I’m sure you would love to see what Air Gear has to offer, the excitement never ends.


What do you think about Air Gear? Please leave a comment below. 🙂




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