The Amazing World of Gumball…a CN comeback!

The first time I saw “The Amazing World of Gumball” was pretty much like all the other expectations I give from the current cartoons that Cartoon Network offer nowadays(Cartoon Network is getting worst), it’s boring, non-sense, and any negative thoughts I could find that this cartoons will only last on the television screen for a week maybe.

maxresdefault (2)

After a few days, my brother and sisters started watching and talking about the show. I tried to watch an episode with them and after the end of the episode, I was amazed. This one might be a good come back sign of Cartoon Network.

Why a come back sign? Well, this cartoon is a new taste of natural comedy at its best with different set of characters (have you seen the monkey, the dinosaur, banana,etc.)and settings(real house,streets, and cars) all wrapped into one cartoon series.Have you seen an actual cartoon with a set-up on a real location? I don’t think I’ve found one aside from this.


The whole story centers on the family of the Watterson family and the mischievous adventures of Gumball with his adopted brother Darwin, his family is different from all other family, his father doesn’t work because he’s pretty much the dumbest dad I know, and when you wanted him to become responsible and have a job, the whole world gets out of place, his mother who does all the responsibilities but has a short fuse for anger but loves her family so much, his little sister who must be the only one smart enough on the family. The settings takes place at home or at school, sometimes the whole community gets to join them. Penny is a peanut right? Is she?


It is a unique show that you wouldn’t expect to enjoy and its really funny too.As you go on with the episodes, it will surely make you laugh.Kudos to the writers and animators of this show, what a brilliant new approach to make cartoons to a next level.I really hope that Cartoon Network would create more shows like this ones because honestly, if you compare the cartoons they have today and what they aired before, many kids would prefer the past(trust me). And this cartoons belong to the very few ones on the network today that you could consider one of the best they have.


Do you love The Amazing world of Gumball? Tell us what you think about it and leave a comment.


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