Ender’s Game…A Good Look of the Future

A science fiction of military strategies for war against the insectoid alien species called “buggers” to win from a total invasion and possible annihilation of the human species. The movie was derived from the book written by Orson Scott Card entitled “The Ender’s Game” which was released in 1985, it won a lot of awards during that time but Card never signed up to make it a film unless he’s convince the film would stay true to what he wrote. In 2013, the movie was finally released and got an overwhelming support from sci-fi fans all over the world. It features the futuristic possibilities of interplanetary travels of humans through space and invasions against alien species, which makes it so cool to miss out. This sci-fi movie has earned high movie reviews and was rated PG-13 for some violent actions and thematic materials.




The story runs about a child protagonist Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who was trained for war with all other children in Battle School in deep space on a Zero gravity simulations, but his genius was the reason that made him unique among the other cadets. Ender was promoted in Command School in the age of 10 skipping a several years of training. But what everyone doesn’t know is Ender’s ability to get foresights on his dreams seeing a “bugger” trying to communicate with him. After all the training in Battle School, Ender still believes that there are other ways to end this war without violence but for the sake of his family and his sister Valentine, he did all the best he could and finally earned to become a Commando of his own team with his friends he met from battle school.




During graduation day simulation, hidden to Ender’s attention. He led his team to war against the swarming army of buggers protecting their own territory, protecting their queen. Ender managed to end the war for good and led his team to destroy the planet of buggers.




Everyone was surprised for what they witnessed and thank Ender for a job well done. But Ender was confused to what they were talking about, the graduation simulation he thought that would finally bring him to become an Admiral of his own fleet was already the real battle against the insectoid species. Thus, wiping out the buggers from existence and killing millions of soldiers on the fleets destroyed during battle leaving Ender furious. The movie will take you on a roller coaster ride with a lot of twist it brings for the audience.


What do you think about Ender’s Game movie?Let us know and leave a comment.




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