Anime Memes Otakus Surely Understand…

When those funny moments on anime just keeps messing with your head, or those boring parts you just want to mess up, and those moments you want to show the world how you feel about being an otaku or anime lover the meme way. It’s really amazing how people get this ideas of making these memes but the memes are so funny I couldn’t contain myself from laughing at it everytime I see it.

So what a better way to give my top anime memes to give you a good start and a crack of smile for a good day ahead. Here are some compilation of anime memes that otakus and otaku wanna be out there will surely understand:




I admit, when I saw that meme, I was rolling on the floor laughing. It was like, if Light was for real and Justin Bieber said that,well..HAHA, come on Light, do it!




I know right, some people just couldn’t understand what anime really does to otakus. Very well said Mr.! Every time I hear someone say that, my reaction is even worst than the two ladies.




Hahaha, admit it, if anime heroes realized they’re being watched every single moment by otakus all over the world, I bet this will be their reactions.




Yeah, anime is just for children?IT IS NOT! Answer the question? How mature are you to tell us that anime is just for children? That meme is one straight to the point fact that otakus will give an applause to each person who feels the same way.


tumblr_mlra5f7aLc1sowb5vo1_1280 (1)


That is true, so true. When you pause an anime, it ruins the connection you’re developing with the episode, so if you pause it for someone, that person must have been very important. So if someone does this to you, thank yourself for being a damn special person.

A lot of memes are flooding the internet and social media these days, some are funny and others are just plain. But whatever it is, it surely gives a message to a whole new level. Who ever invented memes, I wonder what they were thinking on that very first meme they made.

Everyone has their own favorite anime meme, I would love to see your own memes or your favorite memes and let’s share it to the rest of the world! All the credits will go to all the meme fans and creative websites who doesn’t fail to crack a smile on everyone for all this memes we are seeing today, stay calm and keep doing memes!


What is your favorite meme? Share it with us and leave a comment.






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