“Inside Out”: You can always cry…

Did you watch the movie “Inside Out”? I did not prepare a tissue when I went to the theatre to catch the premiere and I apologize to the seatmates I had that time when I was crying like a baby. I mean, who did not cry on those precious moments? Are you an android or something? What’s wrong with you!

Pixar has never failed to impress me with all the movies they’ve released so far and this movie is the best one yet that I always get emotional when I start to remember…(Sorry, I’m getting carried away). The movie Inside Out was based on the five emotions inside a young girl and how they lived through her years of growing up. Yes, the movie was all about growing up, you may have thought it was about reminiscing our childhood but that was just a little additional to the main point.




There’s Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. But you know who my favourite among them? Sadness. Yes, you must have thought yourself I’m crazy but Sadness has made me think a lot of things from my childhood. Not because my childhood was sad, but she made me realize how valuable sadness is to our emotions and that its okay to cry. (I’m starting to get the teary eyes)

Sadness was always misunderstood by everyone that she felt the rejection and question her purpose to Riley. Joy would always want to find a way to get Sadness away from the console. Remember how they reacted when Sadness touched one of the memories? That was sad.




And just when Sadness made me teary (Yes I was trying to stop myself from crying), Bing Bong comes in. Oh great, the imaginary friend of Riley. Remember when they were trapped to the land of forgotten memories and he sacrificed himself to give the slay Joy was on a boost of speed and said,” Take her to the moon for me.”(Now I’m crying!!) See how he accepted the reality of growing up that imaginary friends are forgotten by many and we never even got to appreciate what happiness they brought us.




Imagine that you were Riley, and Sadness touched one of your memories visualizing it inside your mind and it’s really sad to think about it. But you know what? You should feel sad, but not a negative sad. A sadness that we could appreciate what happened on that memory and how it made us who we are now. Sadness has always been a part of our life, who doesn’t feel sadness?!




Sadness can sometimes give us good lessons and it helps us express what we truly feel inside. So don’t stop yourself from being sad, and always remember, we can always cry!


What did you feel about the movie? Tell us and leave a comment.


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