Top 5 Most Evil Villain on Anime!

Batman has Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor,Star Wars has Dark Vader. In the world of movies we were all sold to the evilness of these characters. But those villains does not only exist in movies but also in anime, and these villains can be considered bad-ass on their own fields even making those villains mentioned above be ashamed of how far they did to become evil.


1. The Major, Hellsing













Talk about the evilness of a Nazi man who is even worst than the Nazis combined together, The Major is one of the very well-planned and craziest ideas of all. He does not want to end war, and wishes for an everlasting war.Killed three million people for his own selfish reasons, is that not evil enough for you?


2. Father, Fullmetal Alchemist












As many animes that has father issues, this Father surely got no care for his sons. He is willing to massacre a whole country just to advance for his own power, this killing things are totally absurd and imagine if this villains exist on our realistic world?

3. Light, Death Note


I’m pretty sure some of you may wonder why he’s on the list but killing criminals does not exclude him from being a badass villain, because it was not only one or two but thousands of them. He even killed those who were already paying their sentences on jail. And he did not kill solely criminals, he even killed an FBI agent who discovered his secret and the agent’s girlfriend. How’s that considered good?


4. Majin Buu, Dragonball Z













What’s more badass than a monster who doesn’t aim for revenge or power but just to be a dick(excuse me) and show off what he can do with one move killing three billion people on the planet,is that even possible?Well,he just did.


5. Meruem, HunterXHunter













If you’ve watch the HunterXHunter :Chimera Ants episode where Meruem’s guardians has gathered the whole country just for his meal, can you imagine that? Just for his meal and gaining more power(he’s the most over-powered villain I’ve ever had).


I believe that there’s still a lot of villains which was not included on my list and that you my friends want to see, but each of us has their own standards of rating the most bad-ass villain of them all. So tell me who you’re bad-ass villains are and we’ll get our list keep going till every villain in anime is reviewed.


Who’s your bad ass villain? Leave a comment below.


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