Top 5 Incoming Animes of 2016

It’s already 2016 and the new anime shows just keep on coming, new shows to watch, new seasons from your favorite anime you were waiting for since last year, all sorts of animes will be coming to your televisions and be prepared for a good head start from the all otakus out there because we’re giving you top five of the most awaited incoming animes of 2016.

1. Fairy Tail Zero
You must have been excited to hear that a new series of Fairy Tail is coming, (Spoiler Alert) I hate to be the spoiler but this series is different from the flame throwing wreckless episodes we’ve seen from before. Fairy Tail Zero revolves on the story of the very first guild master Mavis Vermilion and how the Fairy Tail guild came to existence.

maxresdefault (1)
2. Durara!!x2
Ikebukuro is engulfed in a spiral of confusion. A group of individuals, each carrying the weight of their own past, gathers at Shinra’s apartment, while in the city the Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Saika contend for power. However, the situation takes a turn that no one could expect when Celty’s head is revealed to the public, as this tale approaches its conclusion.

3. Itachi Shinden:Hikari to Yami
You heard that right, let’s take a break from all the hatred you had on Uchiha Itachi because Itachi Shinden:Hikari to Yami will help you understand more about the life story of Itachi just before the conflicts you’ve seen involving him,let’s see what you’ll think after watching that.

4. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (New Season)
The students of class 3-E have a mission: kill their teacher before graduation. He has already destroyed the moon, and has promised to destroy the Earth if he can not be killed within a year. But how can this class of misfits kill a tentacled monster, capable of reaching Mach 20 speed, who may have been the best teacher any of them could ever have?

5. Divine Gate
When the Divine Gate opened, the living world, the heavens, and the underworld became connected, ushering an era of chaos where desires and conflict intersect. To restore order, the World Council is formed. As peace is restored, the Divine Gate becomes an urban legend.In that world, boys and girls deemed fit by the World Council are gathered.Those who reach the gate can remake the world.What lies beyond the gate? When they reach the door, will the world change? Will it be the past that changes, or will it be the future?



What anime would you like to see this year? Tell us and leave a comment.


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